About Us

We believe in securing your
financial future

We make investing in property easier, striving to provide those who partner with us the financial freedom to reach their goals by using our collective property experience and capabilities, and actively managing assets to produce great returns. Our focus is drawing on and building our experience in the property market in order to achieve our investors’ goals.

Quanta previously formed part of a group of companies recognised as one of Australia’s leading property investment groups, providing funds management services for over a decade. A recent transition has seen us separate from that group and operate independently. This new beginning brings excitement, optimism and a new purpose to the business, along with new opportunities for our investors, tenants, communities and our people.


CEO Stacey Jones launched the Quanta Investment Funds brand in 2022, which was previously part of one of Australia’s leading property investment groups, providing funds management services for over a decade.

In its first year under the Quanta Investment Funds brand, Quanta purchased over $80m of commercial property, increasing the value of assets under management to $310 million across eight investment trusts.

Quanta’s current team comprises 35 specialists with decades of combined experience across funds management, asset and facilities management, property development and capital transactions.

Quanta Timeline - V4

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to do what they can to ensure a thriving and sustainable world. We want to play our part to address the challenges facing people and the planet, without adding to them. For more information on our environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles visit here.

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Stacey Jones
Tim MacKinley
Dave Carpenter
Aron Bendell

Our Departments

Our team is a highly experienced and regarded team of property experts who are leaders in their field.  With an unrivalled pool of knowledge, understanding and insight into the property market, we consistently demonstrate success in the planning, development and management of all facets of strategic real estate management with a key focus on maximising the assets performance for our investors. Our collective knowledge and experience delivers quality results for both our tenants and investors, nationally.