Quanta Holding Co Ltd
20 December 2021

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) provides you with information about financial services offered by Quanta Holding Co Ltd Limited ACN 601 712 707, AFSL No. 477075 (Quanta Holding Co, we or our).

This FSG contains information about:

  • the services and products Quanta Holding Co is authorised to provide under our AFSL;
  • remuneration that Quanta Holding Co, our staff and other related persons receive in connection;
  • the financial services Quanta Holding Co provides; and
  • Quanta Holding Co’s internal and external complaints handling procedures and how you can access them.

Who are we?
Quanta Holding Co is an Australian property investment firm focused on providing wholesale investors with access to commercial and industrial properties that have the potential to generate superior returns.

General advice only
If you visit our website or contact our Investor Services/ Relations Teams you will receive factual information or general advice only. It is important to note that general advice does not take into account your particular financial situation, needs or objectives.

  • Advice we provide is general in nature and is provided to enable you to consider your own circumstances and our products are available for investment.
  • We recommend that you obtain and read a copy of the relevant Information Memorandum before making any investment decision.
  • We do not provide advice about financial products issued by companies that are not related to us.

Our remuneration structure
Quanta Holding Co is only remunerated by way of the fees applicable to each trust which is available for investment. No charges apply for services and assistance provided to you by our Investor Services/ Relations Teams. Our fees are detailed in each Information Memorandum.

  • We do not pay commissions to financial advisers or other intermediaries.
  • Employees are remunerated by way of salary and do not receive commissions.

Complaints handling
If you have a complaint about a product or service offered by Quanta Holding Co please contact us on 07 3999 7100 or info@quantainvest.com.au. Our Investor Services/Relations Teams will either try to resolve your complaint. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you may make a complaint at:

Compliance Manager
GPO Box 1284, Brisbane QLD 4001
or Phone 07 3999 7100 – and ask for the Compliance Manager

Please provide the detail and reason for your complaint and we will attempt to resolve the matter and respond within 14 days of receipt. If an issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can if you are a retail investor lodge a complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, or AFCA.

AFCA provides an independent financial services complaint resolution that is free to you.

Website: www.afca.org.au
Email: info@afca.org.au
Telephone: 1800 931 678 (free call)
In writing to: Australian Financial Complaints Authority, PO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001

Please note that a complaint must first be submitted to our complaints handling process to give us an opportunity to review it before it can be referred to AFCA.

Our compensation arrangements
Quanta Holding Co has professional indemnity insurance in place that satisfies the requirements under s912B of the Corporations Act 2001 for compensation arrangements. It covers legal liability arising from the financial services we provide to you. It also covers potential liability arising from compensation claims.