Helping Children Affected by Domestic Violence | Zephyr Education

Zephyr Education Incorporated is an organisation dedicated to helping children affected by domestic and family violence (DFV). They do this by supplying uniforms, shoes, school bags, textbooks, stationery, swim packs, laptops iPads and more.

Zephyr is run completely by volunteers and receives no government funding meaning all of the funding is obtained through general fundraising activities. This also means that almost every dollar raised is going directly to the aid of children affected by DFV.

Since being founded in 2013 and helping a few local shelters Zephyr’s work has expanded rapidly and they now provide help to children in over 200 DV shelters and family support organisations across Australia.

The work and commitment of Zephyr’s founders and volunteers has a huge impact on the lives of the children they help, providing them not only with physical uniforms and resources to live the life of an everyday schoolkid but a sense of confidence and stability as well. 95% of children who received help from Zephyr reported an increase in their feeling of wellbeing and 90% experienced an easier transition back to school.

Since 2017 (7 years) Quanta has been making donations to Zephyr to assist with the incredible work they do. Quanta has also launched a new initiative where a $2 donation is provided to Zephyr for every survey response our investors provide for our annual end-of-year investor survey. In line with our commitment to Prosperity for the communities we operate with, our business and our investors, the intent is that as we grow, our investor base grows and the amount we can give back to the community grows as well.

After discussing the initiative with one of Zephyr’s founders Carmel Martin, Carmel said that the donation received from our 2023 survey would provide a child with a complete and new school uniform.

We look forward to supporting Zephyr and the important work they do for many years to come.

If you would like to donate directly to Zephyr or would like to learn more about the work they do you can do so here – Zephyr Education Inc