InvestmentMarkets | July Investor Webinar Featuring Chris Carrigan

In July’s edition of the InvestmentMarkets Investor Webinar, we were proud to see Quanta’s Head of Property Investments, Chris Carrigan, take the virtual stage alongside 30 distinguished industry leaders. Carrigan delved deep into a topic that has sparked the interest of many – the upcoming South East Queensland Office Trust.

South East Queensland is steadily emerging as a region teeming with untapped potential. Chris presented a comprehensive overview, spotlighting the numerous opportunities this area holds for potential investors. From its robust economic growth drivers to the evolving commercial landscape, there’s no denying that the South East Queensland Office Trust is poised to be an exciting investment prospect.

For those who missed the live InvestmentMarkets session or would like a refresher, you can watch the full recording to glean insights straight from the experts. Dive in to understand why this might just be the investment opportunity you’ve been waiting for.