Queensland holds the key to office investment

Smart Property Investment | 2 August 2023

By Stacey Jones

“For a variety of reasons, Brisbane never suffered the way our other city markets did when it came to office mass exodus. Confidence is rising as companies continue to commit to bringing people back together in a dedicated work and collaboration space, and leasing activity is buoyant.”

If you’ve been keeping an eye on property investment sentiment, it would be easy to assume that office is winning no races in the current market.

Doom and gloom articles on the rising cost of capital, co-working, empty CBD buildings and high lease costs pushing businesses out of office spaces have been featured prominently in the media.

While much of the rhetoric on the slow return to office continues to ring true for markets like Sydney and Melbourne, the position is much better in Queensland.

Sure, companies are adapting to flexible staff schedules, thanks to the pandemic – and with good reason – but employers are desperate to get people back into the office, and employees are recognising the sheer value of having a physical office to go to.

Take CBA CEO Matt Comyn as a prime example, who in May announced…

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