The CEO Magazine “Investment In People”

The CEO Magazine | Investment In People | 30 August 2022


Quanta Investment Funds CEO, Stacey Jones, explains why the biggest investment she makes is actually in empowering her staff so that they, and the company, can grow sustainably during times of uncertainty.

Having left all formal roles with Sentinel Property Group in late 2021 to operate independently, Quanta Investment Funds CEO Stacey Jones is excited by the new opportunities ahead for investors and her people alike. It’s only been a year, but in the pandemic era, time can seem elastic.

“COVID-19 really has thrown me,” she shares. “Sometimes it feels like it’s been five years and other times it feels like it’s been five minutes.”

However, one thing Stacey is certain about is the value of her people and the way she wants to manage them. “I am in the school of empowering my staff,” she explains. “I guess along the same lines of ‘happy wife, happy life’.

“Of course, you can start with the right staff, going through the correct processes and making sure you’re getting the right people on board, but the most important step is actually empowering them day-to-day to be effective in their roles.”

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